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Run Time: 148 minutes

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote over the course of a lifetime and re-crafted a 200-year-old play along the way….What is its relevance today? Joseph McGarry’s film Goethe’s Faust A Tragedy Then. A Tragedy Now. is a hugely detailed dissertation on the life and work of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe with a focus on his historically acclaimed re-penning and rendering of Faust; a tragedy in two parts. As writer, director, and host, McGarry has created an extensive study that will serve as a literary and philosophical reference for students of literature forever. More importantly, the film brings the historical writings into a contemporary framework. Filmed entirely on location in Colorado, McGarry’s narrative study draws comparisons to nature and many of the themes contained within Goethe’s writings.

Goethe's Faust
A Colorado Documentary

Receive the eight hour documentary
transcript in its entirety for free.

Faust, Eine Tragodie in Zwei Teilen, Ein Dokumentarfilm aus Colorado

Receive the eight hour documentary
transcript in its entirity for free.